Women Veterans

Expanded Mental Health Care

The VA announced expanded eligibility for veterans in need of mental healthcare due to sexual assault or harassment which occurred during military service. This expansion primarily pertains to Reservists and National Guard members participating in weekend drills. Recognizing that MST survivors may have special medical needs, other needs, and concerns, every VA facility has a MST coordinator to serve as a contact. Veterans do not need a service-connected disability to seek assistance for their MST related issues. Further, Veterans do not need to have reported such incidents to the DOD or possess documentation or records to support their assertion of trauma. Veterans also do not need to be enrolled in VA health care as the treatment for MST is independent of VA’s general treatment authority.


No Barriers Warriors, is currently accepting applications for their no-cost expeditions for veterans with disabilities.   All their opportunities push veterans to face their barriers through curriculum-based experiences in challenging environments – think Rocky Mountains.

They have 4-day, 7-day, and an expedition series this year for all ability levels.  Most of their expeditions are co-ed, but they also have several for female veterans only and all are designed specifically for veterans with disabilities.

Great opportunities starting Memorial Day weekend and running through October.  Learn more at No Barriers Warriors expeditions.

Women veterans have more options and services available than ever before.

A full continuum of comprehensive medical services are available to women including:

  • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • Primary care
  • Women’s gender-specific care (HRT, breast and gynecology, maternity)
  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health
  • Domiciliary
  • Rehabilitation and long-term care
  • Maternity

How do I enroll to receive gender-specific services including pap smear, mammography, prenatal and child care?

Bring your DD214 to Admissions at the Denver VA Medical Center or to the check in counter in Colorado Springs on Spruce Street and Pueblo Clinics and complete a 1010EZ, Application for Health Benefits. Alternatively, you can also enroll online.

Who do I call for an appointment?

Denver 303-399-8020; Colorado Springs 719-327-5660; Pueblo 719-553-1000. If you are already enrolled as a Denver Women’s Clinic patient call 303-399-8020 x 3880.

Where can I get inpatient psychiatric care?
Contact your VA primary care provider or the local VA mental health program office for assistance. If you are already receiving care from a counselor/provider consult with him/her. If you are in crisis, contact 1800-273-TALK (8255) and press 1.

Where can I get treatment for conditions related to sexual assault or sexual harassment while in the military?
You may be eligible for Military Sexual Trauma (MST) related care. Every VA facility provides free care for mental and physical health conditions related to MST. To receive care, ask your VA provider for a referral to MST services

What if I am a Vietnam Veteran and my child has a birth defect?
Children born to women Veterans who served in Vietnam may be eligible for monthly monetary benefits, medical care and vocational training if they have certain birth defects linked to their mother’s service. Contact your Veterans Service Officer for more information.

How do I obtain emergency assistance with payment of my utility bills, rent, mortgage, etc.?
Many local churches, Veterans organizations and community organizations may be able to assist veterans in need. In Denver:

  • Denver Human Services 720-944-2900
  • American Red Cross Denver 303-722-7474
  • Denver Rescue Mission 303-294-0157
  • Colorado Housing and Finance Authority 1-800-877-2432
  • Catholic Charities 303-742-0828

What options are there for homeless veterans with children?
Contact the VA Homeless Coordinator, Social Work Services department or Women Veterans Program Manager at your local VA Medical Center or call 1-877-424-3838.

Where do I find research studies on women Veterans? Nancy Reichman, PhD University of Denver 303-871-2048; Deborah Kenny, PhD, RN, FAAN Beth El College of Nursing and Health Sciences University of Colorado, Colorado Springs 719-255-5170

VA Vocational Assistance

This program is for participants who are not Compensated Work Therapy clients, rather they are veterans who require assistance to better facilitate their own job search.

Programs include:

  • Job Club: Meets the 3rd Thursday monthly (except December) between 9-11 in Building C. Veterans meet with employers who are currently hiring, network with others, learn about veterans employment services available through local workforce centers; and meet with local veteran employment specialists
  • Computer Lab: meets Wednesdays (1-3) and Thursday (2-4) at the Vet Center providing basic computer and internet skills, resume writing, and provides internet access for online job searches.
  • One-on-One Assistance: Provides short-term assistance with resumes and applications, interviewing skills, job search strategies and job referrals. Available by appointment only.

For more information contact the program manager: Dr. Jeff Scott 720-680-6464.

Additional Resources:

University of Denver: The Women’s College  1-855-go-to-twc http://womenscollege.du.edu/

Women Veterans of Colorado
A non-profit organization providing a structure through which Colorado military women connect, network and seek mutual support among other military women. http://www.womenveteransofcolorado.org/